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Letters to an ex-boyfriend, from a Wildcat

Photo credit: Jessica Johnson

Kendall George

October 17, 2017

Dear ex,Uhh, hey. How’s it going? I hope you’re doing well… This is super awkward. I’m good, school has been amazing, a great change of pace after you broke up with me. College is really fun and there are a lot of attractive people here who want my attention. Yeah, that’s right, my...

Dominant personalities struggle with relationships

Photo credit: Kristina Judy

Kyra Stemplinger

February 14, 2017

Chivalry to most guys these days equates to oppression in the minds of women. Men feel they can't do anything right. Women feel they have no voice. Besides the messy hookup culture of our generation, a new epidemic is spreading through modern romance, the fight for the dominant position in the rel...

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