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Pokémon GO tracking the tracker

Chico State student plays Pokemon Go. Photo credit: Carly Plemons

Thomas Staaden

August 21, 2016

A vast crowd comes over the distant plane to an empty parking lot. They gather around a formerly poorly lit parking lot, now bright with the light of hundreds of phones in the search for a rare Pokémon. It may seem like a slight stretch to assume that so many would gather for one Pokémon (d...

Students find success after graduation

Niels Thomas, president of International Accounting Honors Association said that the accounting program is demanding. Photo credit: George Johnston

February 2, 2016

Various departments at Chico State harbor tools that help create successful graduates. The backbone of the campus is the faculty, student organizations, atmosphere and the diverse avenues in which one can take their degree. Chico State is ranked 76th on Forbes ranking of schools of the West, and 399th on the national list. T...

Professionalism suppresses authentic personalities

Illustration by Miles Huffman

William Rein

March 8, 2015

Professionalism is a bizarre concept. Society has constructed this unpredictable behavioral modifier with loose definition and little practicality that now runs the business world. Humans are the only creatures practicing it. It’s unnatural. And all I can really think is, who wants this?At the recent business fair, a lot of men ...

Summer slump hurts local businesses

Trucker, a local clothing store downtown, relies on students for 75 percent of their revenue. Photo credit: Madison Holmes

Madison Holmes

April 15, 2014

Some downtown Chico businesses suffer when the students return home for the summer. Although most downtown businesses have a very broad clientele, the bulk of revenue for downtown comes from Chico State students, said Budd Schwab, the owner of Campus Bicycles on Main Street.“You’ve got 12,000 to 13,000 people w...

Campus building-use policy under review

Dr. Patricia Edelmann, professor, biology department. Courtesy of Chico State.

Enrique Raymundo

February 25, 2014

Chico State's policy for determining how much it charges organizations to use its facilities is under review by campus administration. The policy generated some controversy last semester with a biological sciences instructor who attempted to hold a regular class review session and was told she would be...

Working WildCat: Perfecting professional attire

Ariel Hernandez.Photo credit: Kasey Judge

Ariel Hernandez

February 21, 2014

To suit up or not to suit up?There is a lot of confusion about the proper time for business professional versus business casual attire. As if trying to interview, network and give presentations wasn’t stressful enough, figuring out what is appropriate to wear is just an additional burden.If you are trying to decide whether to sport business professional or casual, ask yourself what lev...

Wildcat Store seeks financial stopgap

The A.S. Wildcat Store, in a photo taken in the spring of 2013. The Orion file photo.

Enrique Raymundo

February 7, 2014

The Associated Students Wildcat Store is projected to lose more than $450,000 within the next three years, according to estimates shown Friday at the Associated Students Business Committee.A proposed $150,000 cut to overhead costs like rent and utilities would make the Wildcat Store profitable for two years, said David Buckley, execut...

Entrepreneurship students build businesses

Risa Johnson

December 14, 2013

This is the most hands-on class you may ever hear of. It's a class to build businesses.Students have successfully created and are running their own businesses through the upper division management class, "Practicum in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management".David Rahn, an entrepreneurship and s...

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