The Orion

Makeup lover and feminist

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Megan Mann

February 4, 2015

Does wearing makeup contradict feminism? Buzzfeed tackled this question in one of their latest videos by showing two sisters arguing while the other does her makeup. Essentially, the anti-makeup sister argues that one can't love makeup and be a feminist because wearing it conforms to the patriar...

Nostalgia is no longer just for the elderly

Alyssa Dunning

November 13, 2014

It seems like every time I log into a social media site some one is having a nostalgic overload.My generation's obsession with the past is a bit premature. While I understand students bonding over an old television show that is no longer on, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or "Daria" for example.College stud...

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