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Chico State provides support for those affected by California wildfire’s

Chico State offers support for those affected by the wildfires Photo credit: Sean Martens

Luke Dennison

October 17, 2017

Chico State sent out an email regarding a support system for those affected by the California wildfire's. "As we continue to support our campus community members who have been affected by wildfires throughout the state, we want everyone to know that members of the Chico State Campus Assessment Response and ...

Fighting fire with well-organized relief efforts, not with fire

Multiple fire fighters flee to the hills of destruction caused by the Valley fire. Photo courtesy of NBC.

Nathan Graves

September 29, 2015

Charred trees and the burnt skeletons of buildings are beginning to dominate the landscape in certain regions of California. Over the past weeks, several wildfires have been raging across Northern California, causing widespread destruction in its wake. The Valley fire has been causing destruction in near...

Chico airport used as an air base to fight wildfires

The Chico Municipal Airport has been sending planes to provide aid to the 14 active California wildfires Photo credit: John Domogma

Austin Herbaugh

August 24, 2015

Fourteen major wildfires are burning across California, leaving thousands of acres charred and covering much of the state in a blanket of smoke. Resources are being pulled from all over California to fight the wildfires, and the Chico Municipal Airport plays a key role as an air base in the firefight."T...

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