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Chico-based clothing company grows, gives back

Chico natives Jaime Wilhite and David Selkirk, owners and co-founders of Upper Park Clothing, created the popular brand after deciding to expand their screen-printing company.

Nathan Graves

October 14, 2015

There is a multitude of clothing brands that represent different places. San Francisco, Venice Beach and New York are examples of cities commonly reflected in people’s styles. While big, well-known locations generally have this effect, Chico locals may have noticed shirts, tanks or hats with fe...

Inmates to take over Caper Acres clean up

Photograph by Kasey Judge
The Chico City Council met Tuesday, during which a new plan for the maintenance of a children's park, Caper Acres, was approved.

Bill Hall

October 16, 2013

The City Council approved a plan on Tuesday to have inmates on home detention perform park maintenance to keep a children’s playground open. Alternative Custody Supervision personnel are non-serious offenders who are supervised by the Butte County Sheriff’s office through an electronic ankle ...

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