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Letters to: My future employer

Photo Credit: Briana McDaniel

Guillermo Felix-Alvor

March 25, 2018

Dear Future Employer, Whether this is my dream job or a job that will help me further build my skills, I want to say thank you for giving me this opportunity. You've probably heard this cliché hundreds of times from potential candidates: “I am a hardworking person, who is a fast learner, great...

Stop striving for straight-A’s

Valerie Teegardin

March 11, 2014

After years of schooling, students are now conditioned to believe that good grades will get them a good job; as if an A is equivalent to success. If that's truly the case, then it's reasonable to assume that a student who proves their dedication to education by pulling straight-A's will be more favorable in ...

Fighting temptation to speed towards success.

Zachary Phillips

February 27, 2014

Everyone has that one Facebook friend that applies for their dream job the day after graduation. With young ambition, a diamond-studded resume and the proper star alignment on their side, they manage to land the perfect gig before last night's celebratory hangover has even worn off. Even the most grounded of...

Working WildCat: Perfecting professional attire

Ariel Hernandez.Photo credit: Kasey Judge

Ariel Hernandez

February 21, 2014

To suit up or not to suit up?There is a lot of confusion about the proper time for business professional versus business casual attire. As if trying to interview, network and give presentations wasn’t stressful enough, figuring out what is appropriate to wear is just an additional burden.If you are trying to decide whether to sport business professional or casual, ask yourself what lev...

Working WildCat: Creating well-crafted resumes

Ariel Hernandez

Ariel Hernandez

February 2, 2014

You've found the perfect job. It pays well, has the trendy atmosphere you crave and you are more than qualified. This is the job you were born to do. A great resume is a golden ticket to accessing this unbelievable opportunity. Here are four tips to consider while creating a resume: 1.Make it visually impactful A resume is your life...

Working WildCat: Seven steps for keeping a professional social media presence

Ariel Hernandez

January 18, 2014

College is a time filled with nights to never forget and nights you never fully remember. These harmless college memories have a tendency to creep into Twitter feeds, Instagram photos and Facebook posts. But are these updates really that harmless? A survey from 2012 by CareerBuilder found that 37 per...

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