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Chico State men’s rugby make final-four

A fight for the ball during a lineout between Chico State and the University of Kansas. Photo credit: Ricardo Tovar

Ricardo Tovar

April 20, 2019

In what wound up being a physical game, even by rugby's standards, the Chico State men's rugby team grounded the University of Kansas 24-7. The game was a defensive battle at the beginning as neither team let the other impose their gameplan for very long. It took until the 32nd minute of the first...

Club baseball gives players a second chance

First year pitcher Zach Scott warms up before practice on Feb. 3. Photo credit: Carlos Islas

Jason Spies

February 9, 2016

There comes a moment in every athlete's life when they are faced with the overwhelming possibility that their time playing the sport they love, may be coming to an end. For baseball players who still have that urge to play and aren't ready to throw in their gloves just yet, the Chico State club baseball te...

Club sport student-athletes part of Chico State athletics

Nick Reddy Photo credit: George Johnston

Nick Reddy

October 2, 2015

Everyone hears about the trials and tribulations of the NCAA student-athlete. From long, exhaustive practices, missing classes for extensive travel for competition, rigorous year-round strength and conditioning programs, to representing one’s university on a national level, all while not being paid, university athletes are the r...

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