The Orion

Why revamp the classics?

Sarah Fielder, senior liberal studies major, shares her take on remakes. Photo credit: Romeo Espinal

Carly Plemons

April 30, 2016

Watch student responses at the end of the article. Living in a society filled with remake after remake and countless sequels that never measure up to the original movie leaves a person to wonder: Is the entertainment industry just out of ideas? How many “Mean Girls 2” (2011) incidents or Disney mo...

Long live the music classics

Vinyl by the band Heart being played on a record player. Photo credit: Carly Plemons

Carly Plemons

April 8, 2016

Records have the power to make the present day feel like a time machine into music’s past. Artists like Led Zeppelin and Bob Dylan engineered ethereal music that pulses and orchestrates sound through the minds of their listeners.Popular music today has constantly evolved from the works of icons li...

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