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Slip ‘N Sliding through California’s water supply

Slip 'N Sliding through California's water supply

Miles Inserra

April 27, 2015

Water. Everyone needs it, but the privileged still abuse it. Coming from an upper middle-class, suburban family, I was no exception. But considering California’s current circumstances, even I am shortening my showers. The way I see it, adults today won't bear the full burden of the drought. C...

Water week promotes conservation efforts

Water week was not just for the students, concerned community members also were attended the booths in the gauntlet. Photo credit: Elaine Knudsen

Elaine Knudsen

April 25, 2015

Water week was put on by the Environmental Advocates in order to teach students where their water actually comes from, where it's going and how to help. “This week was our idea to get drought information to students in an accessible way,” said Taylor Wetzel, project coordinator. In collaboration with Associated Student...

Rock the drought: Kill it with millet

Rock the drought: Kill it with millet

Grace Kerfoot

April 3, 2015

California’s drought is a big deal and it’s about to deliver a roundhouse kick to your food budget. As the agricultural breadbasket of America continues to dry up, we can anticipate that farmers will struggle and food prices will rise. It’s time to start thinking and eating drought con...

Drought spurs rigorous conservation efforts

The water level of Big Chico Creek as it runs through the Chico State campus on Feb. 17. Campus departments have been adjusting equipment and practices to conserve more water in California's drought conditions. Photo credit: Catalina Friz

Kristina Martinez

February 24, 2015

Chico State has responded to California's ever-worsening drought by finding innovative ways to cut back on its water use on campus and at the University Farm. Plumbing is on of the areas where water can be conserved, such as by replacing earlier faucet aerators with new ones that use only half the amou...

Invest in student innovators to survive California drought

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Dylan Dewit

February 7, 2015

The California drought has gotten so bad. “How bad is it?” It’s so bad that our state looks like this. Also like this. Sorry, no punch line here. Just sad depictions of California’s worsening water crisis. Despite a stormy December, Northern California experienced its driest January in...

University Farm hit hard during drought

Boswell the calf soaks up the sun at Chico State's University farm. The farm is having to pay more for live stock food due to the increased prices the drought is causing. Photo credit: Grant Mahan

Eric Mccauley

April 13, 2014

Chico State's University Farm has not had enough rain this year to be able to produce nearly as much feed as it used to.Low rainfall has drastically increased the price and demand for crops, said Cindy Daley, manager of the University Farm's dairy farm. At the same time, feed crop suppliers have not been able to produce as much either, and both the shortage of and the demand for these cr...

Fish feces fuel sustainable food business

Zi Kuang, a business administration alumni, pulls a head of lettuce from an aquaponic grow bed. Photo credit: Christine Lee

Christine Lee

March 11, 2014

Two Chico State graduates are starting a sustainable food business using a combination of fish feces and age-old agricultural techniques. Zi Kuang and Kirill Obraztsov, two friends who graduated from Chico State with masters degrees in business administration, are using a production method called aquaponics to grow ve...

Drought-resistant plants grow on campus

Michael Alonzo, the supervisor of grounds and landscape services for Facilities Management and Services, explains the difference between two varieties of Oregon grape, a native plant. Photo credit: Yessenia Funes

Yessenia Funes

March 11, 2014

Students walking through the Chico State campus will find trees and plants from the East Coast, Europe and Southeast China. In fact, 90 percent of the campus harbors non-native flora, said Michael Alonzo, the supervisor of grounds and landscape services for Facilities Management and Services.Though London plane trees, Chinese pistache trees and grassy lawns provide aesthetic value...

Drought depletes dam energy production

Jana Frazier, an Oroville Dam tour guide, explains how the hydroelectric turbines work.Photo credit: Chelsea Jeffers

Yessenia Funes

March 1, 2014

The ongoing drought has kept Lake Oroville nearly 20 percent below its average capacity for this time, according to the Department of Water Resources' website, causing its power plant to produce only half the electricity it should be. People don't use much power during the winter, so this ener...

Ranchers sell animals to survive drought

Kurt Albrecht, co-owner of Chaffin Family Orchards, inspects a dietary mineral supplement used by his herd. This group of about 40 Angus cattle will have to be moved to another side of the property soon to prevent overgrazing.Photo credit: Nicholas Carr

Yessenia Funes

February 18, 2014

Because of persistent drought conditions, local ranchers have been selling parts of their animal herds to reduce the number of mouths to feed. The animals need grass to eat, but the drought has kept grass from growing, said Christine Hantelman, co-owner of Wookey Ranch. The ranchers protect their land by sell...

First-ever zero water allocation affects all

David Daley, associate dean of College of Agriculture, University Farm administrator, discusses the impact of the water shortage.Photo credit: Yessenia Funes

Yessenia Funes

February 10, 2014

The California Department of Water Resources’ State Water Project has completely halted water delivery due to the drought. Water will not be delivered to its 29 public water distributors because of the current drought, said Ted Thomas, an information officer at the Department of Water Resources. An exception to this change is...

Farm bill may harvest money for agriculture program

Dr. Jennifer Ryder Fox, Dean of the college of agriculture

Madison Holmes

February 4, 2014

Additional funding may come to Chico State's College of Agriculture after a farm bill was voted through the House of Representatives on Jan. 29. The bill comes after a two-year impasse between the Democratic and Republican parties and authorized $1 trillion in spending on farm subsidies and nutrition programs....

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