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Sexual assault report reveals lack of exams

Sexual assault report reveals lack of exams

Madison Holmes

October 9, 2014

Enloe Medical Center's Sexual assault reports by Agency | Create Infographics   In 2013, 65 exams were conducted at Enloe Medical Center for victims of sexual assault, according to an annual report from the Butte County Sexual Assault Response Team released Oct. 1. If every victim of sex...

CSU requires rape victim advocate

Dylan Saake, Chico State's Title IX coordinator and director of labor and relations and compliance, said Chico State has already established its own independent sexual assault advocate. Photo credit: Madison Holmes

Madison Holmes

September 30, 2014

The Chancellor's office announced that it will support the state-wide Survivor Outreach and Support Campus Act which requires all CSU's to have an independent sexual assault advocate. The CSU system proactively adopted the state-wide bill, which was introduced by Sen. Barbara Boxer in July, requir...

‘Yes Means Yes’ bill defines consent

Chico State is adopting the same standards of California's new legislation,

Madison Holmes

September 4, 2014

The slogan "No Means No" and the concept behind it regarding sexual assault is changing to "Yes Means Yes." California state lawmakers passed the Affirmative Consent Standard that would define when consent is given when investigating sexual assaults on college campuses. Sexual assault victim...

Mixed results in sexual assault audit

Chico State is one of four universities in California audited in a sexual assault report. The Orion file photo.

Madison Holmes

August 27, 2014

Chico State excels in support for sexual violence and harassment victims but is flawed in several other aspects when handling sexual violence or harassment reports, according to the results of a federal audit. The audit results, which came out in June, found the university lacking in several areas...

Few male students report sexual assaults

Madison Holmes

May 13, 2014

After being severely beaten and nearly sodomized with a broomstick, a Chico State student found himself tied up on a bathroom floor by the man who had charmed him months before. In October of 2012, the student, who prefers to remain anonymous, was attacked and sexually assaulted by three men incl...

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