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The art of faking news

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Nicole Ritchie

October 18, 2017

Online media has become ground zero for "fake news." Readers demand news 24/7. The danger in that is how easily it can be manipulated. This is a huge problem, especially with the rise of popularity in social media.Here’s the problem. An Oriella study found that 89 percent of journalists use online sources to research stories with half the sources using Twitter and almost two-thirds using social me...

Three Chico State alumni seek to expose biased news

Left to right: Jared Fesler (Brand Manager), Chase Palmieri (CEO), Austin Walter (Lead Developer) of Tribeworthy. Photo courtesy of Chase Palmieri

Michael Fritz

February 27, 2017

Americans are becoming increasingly skeptical of their news sources. In a report conducted by the Pew Research Center released in December, 32 percent of U.S. adults said they often see fake political news online, and 51 percent of adults say they often see inaccurate political news reports. T...

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