The Orion

Why you should attend a music festival this summer

Photo credit: Grant Garnsey

Nicte Hernandez

May 7, 2018

Music festivals bring hundreds of people together around music, art or popular food. There are a few things about festivals that keeps bringing people back though: the artists, the vibe and the people. Surrounded by other people that love and relate to the same music, all crowding around a stage to se...

Artist of the week: Hayden Duncan

Hayden Duncan is a 23-year-old recording arts student. He refers to gear as his console. Photo credit: Sean Martens

Nicole Henson and Mitchell Kret

February 28, 2018

How did you get started?I went to a bunch of EDM music festivals when I was 18, around 2012 or 2013, when the EDM bubble was kinda at its biggest, and I went to a few festivals and thought “this is pretty cool,” and the music didn’t seem that hard to make, little did I know. I was li...

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