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Study smarter, not harder

Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

Rachel Reyes

December 7, 2017

The weeks that fall between Thanksgiving and Winter Break are probably the most hectic for students.Knowing how to get through finals week varies for most people, but there are very common preparations that many students do that can actually help increase final scores.No one should cram for finals week....

How to breathe as finals approach

Katrina Ornelas, senior English major shares, what she does to take a break from studying. Photo credit: Romeo Espinal

Carly Plemons

May 8, 2016

Watch the video at the end of this article to watch student responses.When studying and responsibilities become so overwhelming to the point you feel like your brain is fried, it’s time for a distraction. Here are a few things to make you feel like less of a notecard robot. Movies and shows: When memorizin...

Coffee shop offers delivery during finals frenzy

Tapingo workers will be delivering coffee to students in the library before finals week. Photo credit: Daisy Dardon

Daisy Dardon

December 14, 2014

Chico State's coffee shop, Common Grounds, is now offering delivery services to the library up until Dec. 18."We're working with Tapingo to do delivery to the library," said Suzi Kritikos, coffee shop supervisor. "We're delivering coffee drinks, but we're also delivering sandwiches and other stuff that we...

How to survive finals week

A step by step guide on how to get through finals.

Michaela Sundholm

December 13, 2014

Finals week is arguably the most dreaded time of the semester. Use these tips to help ease some of that finals week frenzy. Michaela Sundholm can be reached at [email protected] or @Michaela_Sun on Twitter....

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