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  •  The cast of “Dr. Faustus” takes a triumphant bow after their first performance.

    Arts & Entertainment

    Theatre Arts Club pulls off one day play

  • The volleyball team huddles up to strategize about the game. Photo credit: Mary Vogel


    Chico State Volleyball displays resilience in weekend split

  • Rallyists congregate at the California State University’ Board of Trustees meeting on Sept. 12. Courtesy: Chico State Students for Quality Education


    California State University students rally against tuition raise

  • Ariana Powell getting tattooed on Wednesday. Courtesy: Nola Powell


    The art of tattoo pain: part 1

  • Roses frame Sleep Lagoon’s drummer as they perform during the Associated Students’ Music Under the Stars concert. Taken by Ariana Powell on Sept. 21

    Arts & Entertainment

    Rosey, starless Music Under the Stars concert

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The Orion

Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Wildcat Store employees Ruben Ruiz, a first-year sociology major, and Victoria Diaz, a sophomore sociology major, get ready for the end-of-semester book return rush. Photo credit: Michael Arias

Wildcat Store adapts during 1st year of outsourced management

Michael Arias // May 4, 2015
After signing the store over to the private company Follett, concerns surrounding employee benefits, costs and local purchasing were the primary worries.

For cheap textbooks, make like a pirate

Veronica De La Cruz // October 3, 2014
There are several alternatives to buying expensive textbooks from the Wildcat Store.
Illustration by Rachel Dugo

New Follett bookstore is a downgrade

Megan Mann // September 19, 2014
Although there are a few nice changes, the new Wildcat store is a disappointment.

Bookstore terminates loyalty point system

Madison Holmes // August 31, 2014
The Follett-owned Wildcat Store, with its own sales system and website, will honor the remaining points students have until Sept. 15.
Business Marketing major and bookstore employee Kyle Sacher sorting books at the Wildcat Store. Photo credit: Matthew Vacca

Wildcat Store could be outsourced

Ernesto Rivera // May 12, 2014
The Associated Students is negotiating a contract with Follett textbooks sparking concerns with buying power at the local level and employee retention.
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