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Love and friendships: A balancing act

Love and friendships: A balancing act

Sophia Xepoleas

April 6, 2015

I was head over heels in love. It was finally here, the moment I had been waiting for and never believed would arrive. I was completely enamored with this boy I could now call my own, and nothing else mattered. I spent every spare moment in his presence, and although we fought more than we got al...

Cutting ties to stay on track

Cutting ties to stay on track

Julianna Eveland

March 13, 2014

Friends are an important part of college, but hanging around the wrong people can be detrimental to success at Chico State.   One of the reasons I chose Chico was because it's near to my hometown where my old “best friend for life” lived.   Born on the same day in the same city, w...

Hometown friendships dwindle as time passes

Amanda Irons

August 31, 2013

Each summer it seems as if I go through a friendship gauntlet. Perhaps this accompanies the lifestyle of those who come out of high school with an amoeba friendship group — a lot of little groups of friends joining forces and constantly shifting shape to hang out. It appears with the progression of...

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