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The everyday struggles of a casual gamer

The everyday struggles of a casual gamer

Christina Cahill

April 7, 2019

I know I'm awful, but at least I have fun.I see the guard at Suramar City and he sees me. I know if I make too big of a scene, if I’m not quick on my feet, I’ll be caught and swarmed by him and his buddies. I go to steal the item I’m questing for, and my disguise is dropped. A guar...

Video games oversexualize powerful women

Video games oversexualize powerful women

Allison Galbreath

April 5, 2015

Video games are amazing. They are little virtual realities and forms of escape, allowing players to create and live as alternate selves.What's disturbing is that not only do gamers in general have to confront prejudice and stereotypes about playing video games, but female gamers also have the added bonus of be...

Students analyze video games’ benefits

Christine Lee

May 6, 2014

Chico State psychology students found that playing video games has positive effects.Playing video games contribute to a person's cognitive, motivational, emotional and social abilities, according to their research. "I don't play video games but I'm going to now," said Priscilla Gates, a senior psych...

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