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Glass blowing offers a creative outlet for all students

Doug Mullaly working on a vase during the intermediate glass blowing Photo credit: Alex Coba

Alex Coba

October 23, 2018

Art classes are in abundance at Chico State, from painting to sculpture and ceramics. But there's one medium that requires you to have patience and a high tolerance towards heat. Glass blowing is a class that anyone can take for a major or just for fun.“I'm a civil engineering major, I'm actua...

Artist interview: glass blowing with Payton Cahill

Photo credit: Elias Denny

Elias Denny

October 26, 2016

Payton Cahill is in her fifth year at Chico State, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in glass and sculpture. Cahill has been glass blowing for about six years now. At the opening of the new arts and humanities building, several students preformed glass blowing demonstrations. The crowd, especially th...

Glass Blowing

May 1, 2014

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