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Undocuweek, we needed you

Students learn during an event for Undocuweek. Photo credit: Janette Estrada

Janette Estrada

March 12, 2019

Leaders Educating for the Advancement of Dreamers (L.E.A.D) held "Undocuweek" to inform undocumented students with mixed-status families at Chico State of the current federal and state legislation.Chico State hosted many workshops with professionals in the field to create a safe environment where ind...

Chico State supports DACA students

Hutchinson sent out a campus wide email in regards to DACA students. Photo credit: Sean Martens

Natalie Hanson

September 2, 2017

Chico State awaits action from the White House on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. According to a press release from President Hutchinson, the college will continue to support all undocumented students while awaiting federal action on the program. DACA provides opportunity for...

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