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Career fair employers avoid international students

Kareem Huwaidi is a project management graduate student from Saudi Arabia. Photo credit: Alex Grant

Alex Grant

December 7, 2017

Due to legal status, getting a job as an international student is a complex process that is obtained more by chance than how qualified an individual is.To remain in the U.S. legally, international students must either have a school or work visa. Many foreign students are studying in the U.S. under an ...

International students account for 3.6 percent of Chico State population

Most international students come from the Middle East or East Asia. Photo credit: Yang Dai

Yang Dai

April 2, 2016

According to data collected by the International Student Services for the 2016 spring semester, 589 international students from 40 countries are studying in Chico State. This accounts for 3.6 percent of the total number of students in the school. Of these students, 462 are undergraduates and 127 are...

Program pairs faculty, students from abroad

Frank Li, the director of the Office of International education, said iFriend will help international students and faculty learn about different cultures. Photo courtesy of Chico State.

Madison Holmes

November 4, 2014

Members of Chico State's faculty and staff will have the opportunity to host international students once a month for a new program called iFriend.The host will meet with the international student a few times a month, that way the student can maintain independence while still having a reliable resource in the U.S., said Frank Li, the director of th...

Chico international students face racism

Chico international students face racism

Madison Holmes

October 29, 2014

"Fuck Asians!" was not what Rie Ikebe expected to hear on her first outing in the United States. Ikebe, an international student from Japan studying communications, and her friend were walking on Nord Avenue when a man drove by and started shouting racial slurs at them, she said. "It felt like they were ki...

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