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J. Cole once again does close to nothing

J. Cole's new album is disappointing.

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Mitchell Kret

May 2, 2018

J. Cole has presented yet another average album that his fans will treat like gospel while his haters will write off as trash without listening to a single track. Those who formulate their opinion after listening to "KOD" probably don’t have much more to say that they did on his last album. J....

Wildcats reveal their guilty pleasure songs

Paige Patterson (Senior) Photo credit: Ben Hacker

Jackson Sawa

May 3, 2017

We all have our favorite bands and songs that we are eager to show to our friends or blast at parties, yet, we also have our guilty pleasures that we listen to when nobody is around. This is the music to sing to alone in the car on long drives or secretly play through our headphone while walking to cl...

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