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Q&A: The Orange Street Artist on screen printing, mysterious personas

Brent Clark stands with some of his prints at The Orange Street Gallery. Photo credit: John Domogma

Jake Hutchison

December 14, 2014

[metaslider id=39336]Photographs by John DomogmaIn the dimly lit Orange Street Gallery, the illusive Orange Street Artist, Brent Clark, has been working hard putting together his gallery and creating new works of art. It is here he is hoping to launch a new career alongside his position at The Printed I...

Sold-out comedy show features jokes on blindess, birds, babies

Yusef Swafford, Chico State senior computer engineering major, is one of the acts that performed Friday at 1078 Gallery's comedy show, delivering his own style of bold, in-your-face comedy. Photo credit: Veronica Hodur

Jake Hutchison

November 15, 2014

Threesomes, bird smuggling and the Baldwin brothers were popular topics Friday night at 1078 Gallery's hilarious stand-up comedy event. The gallery transformed into a comedy club with no shortage of talent hosted by Bob Backstrom, a local music and comedy promoter and the former owner of Bustolini’s Deli & Coffee Hou...

Study Break: ‘Gone Girl’ review

Ben Affleck portrays protagonist Nick Dunne, whose wife goes missing just before the couple's fifth anniversary. Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox.

Jake Hutchison

October 4, 2014

Amy Dunne is far from amazing. She lives a life of mediocrity with her unassuming husband, Nick, before vanishing, leaving only a trail of scavenger hunt letters for their fifth anniversary. "Gone Girl, based on the novel by Gillian Flynn, is not for weak stomachs, hearts or minds.It dangles moments of relief and comfort ...

Study Break: Interpol’s ‘El Pintor’ album review

Photo courtesy of Flickr.

Jake Hutchison

September 9, 2014

Interpol, an American rock band formed in 1997, released its fifth album, "El Pintor," on Tuesday after a four-year hiatus and the departure of its bassist and keyboardist, Carlos Dengler. Overall, the new album manages to maintain the band's signature sound without feeling unoriginal. It opens with Inter...

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