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Enloe denies “date-rape” statistic in Facebook post

Judy Cline declines Joe's Bar GHB rumor. Photo credit: Courtesy of Enloe Medical Center

Lizzie Helmer

March 6, 2018

In a Facebook post on Feb. 20, Joe’s Bar stated Enloe Medical Center had reported 10 cases of the “date rape” drug GHB in the past two months. Representatives from Enloe Medical Center said they have no idea where those numbers came from. “In the emergency room itself it is not common for us to te...

Let’s bounce: The dangers bar employees face

Sean Bradford, bouncer at Joe's Bar, believes that people need to offer more respect to bars when going out. Photo credit: Sabrina Salvatore

Sabrina Salvatore

September 20, 2015

While a night at the Chico bar scene may be intended as a night to unwind, bouncers gear up for a work shift that may involve dangerous circumstances. Keith Chapman, security manager at The Crazy Horse Saloon, is confronted with a multitude of negative reactions on a nightly basis from people trying to get int...

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