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Students speak on their concerns about safety

The discussion tables held in the BMU Auditorium.  Students shared their experinces, suggestions and ideas on what can be done to improve safety in the city. Photo credit: Julian Mendoza

Julian Mendoza

April 6, 2019

Within the last year, student safety has been a rising concern among students. Campus communication with students has been highly criticized by students, and after recent events such as the Camp Fire and a man on campus asking suspicious questions, student concerns have only risen."I think because within this last year, we've just had a lot of issues come up that is around safety," Ka...

CCLC hosts diversity advocacy workshop

Groups of students discuss diversity. Photo credit: Ryan Corrall

Christine Zuniga

February 17, 2016

The Cross-Cultural Leadership Center started a "Diversity Advocacy Certification" program in an effort to help participants become aware of social injustice issues and teach them to become effective activists. The program consists of seven workshops scheduled throughout the remainder of the semester,...

Chico State sees rise in student diversity

Cross-Cultural Leadership Center Program Coordinator Katie Peterson. Photo courtesy of Cross-Cultural Leadership Center.

David Mcvicker

December 3, 2014

Chico State's enrollment of students from a diverse mix of ethnic backgrounds is rising to its highest point in history, and continues to rise. The biannual university census, a survey conducted to record students' demographic and enrollment information, reported significant increases in many ethnicities t...

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