The Orion

Crazy for kombucha

Photo credit: Grace Kerfoot

Grace Kerfoot

April 18, 2015

My roommates had plenty of questions when I first started brewing kombucha in the dorms. Was I secretly a witch? Was that floating mass in the jar a fetus? Was I making moonshine in disguise? Was it even safe to drink? I assured them it was safe, and that the strange mass was a symbiotic culture...

Kombucha station energizes cyclists

Joey Haney, Chico Natural Foods Cooperative ownership and outreach coordinator, rode the kombucha cart at the Walk and Roll Wednesdays event. Photo credit: Amanda Hovik

Amanda Hovik

May 11, 2014

Samples of oatmeal, coffee, chai tea and kombucha paired perfectly with yoga demonstrations to start off the day at Walk and Roll Wednesdays. The event is organized by the Butte Bicycle Coalition as a way for the cycling community to come togetherand learn about healthy eating and how to live sustainable. Joey Haney, Chico Natural Foods Cooperative ownership and outrea...

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