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College relationships? Don’t do it.

Janette Estrada // April 11, 2019

Do not do it.Do not fall in love in college.Do not let your “friends” convince you to go out on a Tuesday night for cheap alcohol and introduce you to a “cute friend.”Not to say...

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How to cope with long distance relationships

Grant Schmieding // March 26, 2018

Long distance relationships are about as much fun as just about every Ramsay Bolton scene in Game of Thrones. After my own long distance relationship, I would rather go shopping for my own coffin than...

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Long distance relationships don’t work in college

Danielle Cortes // August 22, 2017

Long distance relationships are difficult. Short distance relationships are difficult. All relationships are difficult. Even though there are those few rare couples who make it work, you are creating your...

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Why are you still hanging on?

Lorinda Sasan // September 9, 2016
Sometimes it's hard to walk away from a one-sided relationship
Distance makes the heart break

Distance makes the heart break

Rachel Reyes and Briana Mcdaniel // September 7, 2016

So you fell in love with your summer fling or high school sweetheart and now you’ve decided that you’re going to spend the next four years at a college over 100 miles from where you live. You...

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Loving through long-distance relationships

Brittany Mcclintock // August 25, 2015
Being in a long-distance relationship is one of the toughest things I've done, but he makes it totally worth it.
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