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Opening day is a holiday

Carlos Islas, sports reporter. Photo credit: Nick Martinez-Esquibel

Carlos Islas

April 28, 2016

It is pretty difficult to explain what opening day means. First and foremost, it is not just another ordinary day and it doesn’t matter what day it falls on. The only thing that matters on opening day is baseball. Everything else is just noise in the background. Opening day signals the return of...

Spring training on spring break: 3 days, 3 games

Spring training on spring break: 3 days, 3 games

Kevin Lucena

March 28, 2015

“Lemonade, lemonade like grandma made, mmm mmm good, come and get it” said seemingly every lemonade vendor at spring training in the Cactus League in Phoenix. I remembered hearing it at a Giants game the first time I went in 2011, but this year I heard it at three different stadiums in three days. For spring bre...

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