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Behind the Scenes of “Under Construction”

Photo credit: Carin Dorghalli

Carin Dorghalli

November 16, 2016

What is “Under Construction” about?Lindy Lu Forman (actress): Under construction is a really phenomenal show, especially because it’s been written by most of our students. More than half the script has been written by students and our director. It’s pretty phenomenal that itR...

Students embrace solo Valentine’s Day

Kiara Rickson, first year pre-nursing major, is spending her first Valentine's Day single in five years. Rickson said she is excited to explore the holiday without the limitations of a relationship. Photo credit: George Johnston

Alisa Thorsen

February 11, 2015

Many students dread the thought of being single on Valentine's Day, but there are many ways to make this holiday a blast without being in a relationship.Single Chico State students provided four different options on how to make this season of love exciting for those who may be experiencing it solo. 1. Love i...

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