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‘Notations’ drops the beat

‘Notations’ drops the beat

Veronica Hodur

February 10, 2014

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"Notations" is a new kind of exhibit that incorporates sound and music ideals into art. Located at Between the Stairs and the Office Gallery on the first floor of Ayres Hall, the installment was created by the Sound Arts 371 class. The instructions for the assignment required each student to bring...

Guitarists captivate crowds at Laxson Auditorium

Guitarists captivate crowds at Laxson Auditorium

Michael Quiring

January 31, 2014

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Reviews

It didn't take long for acoustic guitarist Tommy Emmanuel to captivate his audience, as he opened up his performance with his award-winning song "Gameshow Rag/Cannonball Rag." The audience quickly responded with whistles and hurrahs.Guitarists Tommy Emmanuel and Martin Taylor brought their musical s...

Exploring music in Chico

Julianna Eveland

January 24, 2014

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We have all experienced the frustration that comes from overplayed pop songs on the radio, the annoying advertisements on Pandora and the lack of money to purchase music on iTunes. But right here in Chico there is an underground music world that is just waiting to be explored. Live music...

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