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Chico State students share New Year’s resolutions

Chico State students share New Year's resolutions

Jason Spies

January 27, 2015

Not everyone makes New Year's resolutions each year. Some people do, and some like to speculate on what others will try to change for a whole year. New Year’s resolutions come in all shapes and sizes. They can be something as little as going to bed an hour earlier, but can also be as extreme a...

New Year’s resolution time: the struggle for fitness

Wildcat Recreation Center employee Jessica Boettger discusses workout and nutrition options that the center has to offer Chico State students looking to ward off unwanted pounds. Photo credit: Jason Spies

Jason Spies

January 20, 2015

When a new year comes around it's a time to toast with family and friends, watch the ball drop with Ryan Seacrest and also to come up with yet another New Year's resolution. New Year's resolutions are hard to keep for the entire year, especially when it comes to keeping fit. The Wildcat Recreation Center is available for students of Chico State whose resolu...

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