The Orion

A single’s guide to Chico State social life

Kendall George

March 10, 2019

It's cuddle season. That is, it's cuddle season if you have someone to cuddle with. However, for a large portion of us cuddle-less Wildcats, "single" is a word that doesn't seem to be going away in our lives any time soon. But worry not! Being single has its benefits and if you're looking to rock th...

When the sun goes down at Monstros Pizza

Vocalist of

Matthew Manfredi

September 8, 2016

Unlike downtown, Wednesday night is quiet on West Sacramento Avenue. There’s Tony’s Liquor, apartment buildings, houses and Nettleton Stadium sits quietly in the distance, but then there’s Monstros Pizza. Guitar amps are turned up, microphones feed back and hot slices of pizza slide across the counter...

Nobody likes a violent pothead

Kevin Crittenden

March 8, 2014

  Looking at me with a clenched jaw and wide open eyes, the man who, a moment ago, had held a knife to my neck lunged towards the open window of my cab. Reacting without thinking, I found drive—slamming the gas, car lurching forward, I watched the bastard roll across the apartment driveway from my rearview mirro...

Cab drivers deserve cash tips, respect

Kevin Crittenden

March 1, 2014

Before I lived in Chico I could count how many times I had used a taxi on both hands. In the three years that I’ve lived here I’ve spent countless nighttime hours in the back seat and as a driver, carting people around. This is a short list of rules I think everyone who uses a cab sho...

Night shift workers see rare worlds

Kevin Crittenden

Kevin Crittenden

January 29, 2014

I use to wonder what it would be like to live the night owl lifestyle, until I got a taste for it during my stint as a night driver. When working as a cab driver I found that after constant sleep deprivation, nothing surprised me anymore. Weird activities would unfold in front of me and in my cab. But I d...

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