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Nipples are the knobs to sex’s door

Nipples are the knobs to sex’s door

Rachael Bayuk

October 16, 2018

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Is it cold in here?The female nipple has been sexualized to the point of censorship. Female nipples are touched, kissed and stimulated by tongues. This is considered normal and pleasing behavior. So why are male nipples not equally allowed the pleasures of touch?Male nipples aren't sexualized. Most men d...

Shame on the slut-shamers

Shame on the slut-shamers

Sam Rios

March 30, 2016

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In a world of nipples being flashed to and fro, nude photos being posted consensually online and relationships taking on less-traditional aspects, it’s natural to feel confused living amidst all the change.Values are shifting in a progressive direction and many people feel as if they are being drag...

Diary of a pair of twins

Diary of a pair of twins

Sophia Xepoleas

March 23, 2015

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It's hot, muggy and crowded in here. Our owner only lets us out for fresh air a couple of times a day, and when it’s hot out, we can barely stand to be stuck inside of our enclosure. We just hang here day in and day out, sometimes with no support whatsoever. And the worst part is — strange, cre...

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