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Battling My Anxiety

Erin Holve, Staff Writer // March 5, 2020

Heaving chest, desperate for lungfuls of air. Words jumbled like a child with a mouth full of marbles. Fat tears cascading down a face stuck in a grimace of pent up anxiety. Breathe, take air in and...

READERS, DIGEST: Soyrizo with egg whites and sweet potatoes

March 28, 2014

Published 2013-04-24T06:00:00Z"/> opinion/columnists features Alexandra Archuleta<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="300" height="247"></iframe> ...

Pop Culture Shock: Investigation: Paranoia

March 28, 2014

Published 2011-02-02T12:43:00Z"/> opinion/columnists Earl ParsonsEvery episode is structured the same way. It starts with the victim's biography. He was a good kid. He had so much potential. They...

O-FACE: Love hurts

March 28, 2014

Published 2012-10-04T13:36:00Z"/> opinion/columnists features Aubrey CrosbyThere are some things you never want to hear coming from your roommate’s bedroom. If you think their cries of pleasure...

Blog inspires real-life application

March 28, 2014

Published 2011-02-01T22:38:00Z"/> opinion/columnists Joanna Hass Sometimes common courtesy keeps us from what we want the most - like giving someone a good punch to the face. You can call it swift...

Trash to Treasure: Ribbon roll storage boxes

March 28, 2014

Published 2013-04-17T06:00:00Z"/> opinion/columnists features Cierra GoldsteinRibbons are among my favorite things. They’re useful in just about everything crafty, from decorating to sewing....

Trash to Treasure: Turn your CDs into coasters

March 28, 2014

Published 2013-02-07T08:00:00Z"/> opinion/columnists features Cierra GoldsteinBack when I was in high school, I used to go through a lot of CDs, because my burner only worked when it felt like...

Girl with the flower: Record Collecting

March 28, 2014

Published 2011-09-26T20:49:00Z"/> opinion/columnists entertainment Leila RodriguezMy record collection is complete. For now, that is. Elvis Costello's "This Years Model" proudly sits among my other...

From the Cheap Seats: Faith in Fogel

March 28, 2014

Published 2010-11-02T15:58:00Z"/> opinion/columnists Lindsey BarrettI know it's early November, but I am ready for the highly anticipated Wildcat basketball season. One very specific reason I...

Sex Columnist: Safe sext

March 28, 2014

Published 2011-01-25T22:24:00Z"/> opinion/columnists Lexi Brister Welcome to the new year, a new semester and a new sex columnist. My name is Lexi, and I'm starting this semester with a subject...

From the Cheap Seats: Tailgate at Chico State

March 28, 2014

Published 2010-09-28T16:46:00Z"/> opinion/columnists Lindsey BarrettHaving spent four out of my five college years at Chico State, I have never once seen a Wildcat tailgate. We all know there...

Use technology to go paperless

March 28, 2014

Published 2013-05-08T08:00:00Z"/> opinion/columnists opinion Zachary CoylWith the help of technology, students have more options to learn and gather information. The future is here. And with...

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