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Period Sex; don’t knock it till you try it

Period Sex; don't knock it till you try it

Rayanne Painter

September 4, 2018

Sex is bound to get messy. Bodily fluids, lube and sweat are all mixed up in heavy breathing, tangled hair and hey- maybe you break some furniture once in a while. This is no surprise as sex brings back a primal instinct that mostly all humans have. Except for those who don’t like sex, which is cool...

Having sex during that time of the month

TJ Carter Photo credit: Annie Paige

Tj Carter

November 26, 2014

I tip my hat to the brave souls who are able to put on their red wings and get down to business. I’m talking about river rafting the bloody gulch of no return. Having sex while your partner is on their period is a little gross to me. My wife and I do some weird stuff, but that one takes the cherr...

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