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Faculty members should stop co-opting personal student stories

Illustration by Trevor Moore

Joseph Rogers

April 29, 2015

I don’t know how the topic really came up at the smoking area between Butte and Plumas halls, but there was consensus among the three of us who were discussing it: Faculty members are not entitled to the personal stories of their students. One gentleman, a veteran of Afghanistan, shared that...

Students aren’t aware of personal bubbles

Julianna Eveland

September 29, 2014

Most of the time I don't think people are intentionally trying to step into other people's private space, but I've been seeing it a lot lately. I’ve noticed I get somewhat agitated at the people who walk way too close to my personal bubble. I can’t say I’m not guilty of a few c...

Learning about personal space and respecting boundaries

Illustration by Darian Maroney

Prin Mayowa

January 20, 2014

Making friends is always tough. It usually takes a lot of going out on a limb to meet new people. In college, some people swear by the idea of "The more, the merrier!" That, and the less money you’ll have to pitch in when the weekends come around. Getting a great group of friends together...

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