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Narrow Minded: The Colonel’s Men ‘Friends of Mine’ album review

Trevor Whitney

April 8, 2015

The Colonel's Men sounds like the type of band that would prompt you to say "You've probably never heard of them" when asked what music is playing at the painfully hip coffee shop you go to for tea. The Davis band's debut, "Friends of Mine," is of course vocally driven, but it's able to maintain its indie-folky vibe over instrumentals th...

The Upstairs Neighbours bring the funk

Each member of The Upstairs Neighbours really feeling their instrument.Photo credit: Chelsea Jeffers

Veronica Hodur

January 28, 2014

In a calm, welcoming environment, a jazzy beat sounds through the Saturday morning air as mothers and their babies bounce in time to the music of The Upstairs Neighbours while enjoying freshly baked muffins.The Upstairs Neighbours, a local band made of Chico State students, play jazz-influenced pop at locat...

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Polo Hedriana