The Orion

Changes to housing benefit first-years

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Evan Roberts and Dongyoung Won

September 17, 2016

Living in the residence halls has always been a mixed bag for those who have experienced it. Some love it, some hate it and most are excited to live off campus at the end of the year. In past years, there's been criticism about housing here at Chico State, whether it be about the alcohol policy or the c...

Spoken word stuns, inspires student audience

All eyes are on Suzi Q. Smith, as she performs her slam poetry show Thursday night at the UHUB on campus.Photo credit: Grant Mahan

Ashiah Scharaga

February 21, 2014

Spoken word artist Suzi Q. Smith leaned into the mic on Thursday night at the UHUB stage and a quiet, luscious melody filled the room. A silent audience listened intently. Emotion seeped into each note Smith sang, making them sweeter than pancakes saturated by hot syrup. Smith sang and recited poems th...

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