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Halloween crime, multiple shootings and public intoxication

Halloween crime, multiple shootings and public intoxication

Brian Luong

November 1, 2018

University Police Call Type: Assist other agency Friday 12:54 a.m., Lassen Hall Dormitory A subject was transported to a medical facility due to intoxication.   Call Type: Suspicious subject Friday 1:42 p.m., Kendall Hall A male subject was aggressively asking for candy. The s...

Juvenile threatens violent action against school; police enforcing no-tolerance policy

Threats of a shooting at Chico High were reported, police say, from a juvenile who posed on Snapchat with a gun and said he might

Tisha Cheney

March 6, 2018

According to Chico Police, a Chico High student spread threats that he was prepared to shoot up his school on Feb. 23.According to the incident report, students claimed the juvenile came to class stating "This is the day I'm going to shoot up the school." The juvenile was confronted by faculty, searched,...

Arming teachers won’t stop mass shootings

Photo credit: Jaime Munoz

Nicte Hernandez

March 3, 2018

In the wake of another mass shooting, politicians are conflicted on what policies to pass. They are committed to organizations but they also have voters pulling them another in another direction. At a recent press conference, President Trump said that he feels teachers should be armed and that we need ...

Gun control from a different angle

Illustration by Trevor Moore Photo credit: Trevor Moore

Nick Bragg

August 31, 2015

Regardless of gun control, people who want to murder, rob or commit criminal acts will still be able to get their hands on an illegal firearm to get the job done. This scary fact is one of the reasons why I think California is traveling down an unconstitutional path that will hurt the p...

Drive-by shooting at Ivy Street frat house

The subject fired one shot at the house from a white Cadillac with bull-horns on the hood. Photo credit: Nathan Lehmann

Nathan Lehmann

April 19, 2014

A drive-by shooting occurred early Saturday morning at the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity house on the 200 block of Ivy Street.The incident occurred at 2:25 a.m., according to a University Police Department call log. A male subject fired one shot from a white Cadillac with bull horns fixed on the front, according to the...

Gang unit returns to address crime

Infographic by Liz Coffee and Monica Fitch.

Madison Holmes

April 2, 2014

Detective Ben Love said the most impactful crime of his career was when an innocent bystander was shot by a member of the Bloods gang in Chico. The shooter got into an argument with a Norteno gang member, the Chico Police gang unit detective said. The fight escalated and shots were fired by the membe...

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