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Marxist group: Socialism would fix US politics

Photo credit: Ronnie Bolser

Elizabeth Helmer

November 16, 2016

Socialism could be the answer to America's broken political system, according to the Chico State Marxist Student Organization.The group held a meeting Nov. 15 titled "How did Trump win and how to fight him." The meeting gave an introduction to the ideals of socialism and how it is the answer to people...

Our viewpoints are not our own

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William Rein

February 13, 2016

The most unimaginative and redundant opinions are those most aggressively debated, and the truly important, consequential views are thoroughly ingrained and taken for granted. In any given era, the multitude of opinions possessed by the public is largely owed to the social or philosophical revolutions...

Lecture explores Venezuela’s future

Lecture explores Venezuela's future

Nicholas Carr

March 5, 2014

Hugo Chávez, the former populist president of Venezuela and supporter of Geo-political unity among South American nations, died one year ago today.Over the past several weeks, the Venezuelan government has reported the death of 18 people as a result of protests against the regime of Chávez's successor Nicolas Maduro, as reported by the Associated ...

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