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Featured Artist: Scarlett and Sapphire take center stage

Sapphire (left) and Scarlett (right) are two of Centerfolds' dancers are smiling and posing in front of a pool table. Photo credit: Brian Luong

Ricardo Tovar

November 13, 2019

Centerfolds is a strip club that is a 20-minute drive from downtown Chico. From 7:30 p.m. until 2 a.m., give or take, you can watch athletic, beautiful women dance and socialize with members of the audience.One dancer, Scarlett, is a 22-year-old former Chico State social science major. After two year...

There’s more than bunnies under top hats

courtesy photo

Niyat Teferi

April 11, 2017

On April 5th, the Laxson Auditorium held a magic show hosted by the popular Australian duo known as the “Naked Magicians.”The Naked Magicians consisted of two handsome, talented magicians that tour all around the world, showcasing their magic tricks and sex appeal. Christopher Wayne and Mike ...

Student by day, stripper by night

Anya, a Butte College student, shows off her dance moves at Centerfold strip club Sunday night. Photo credit: Annie Paige

Yessenia Funes

April 30, 2014

When the club lulls without an audience to see her black, 5-inch go-go shoes click-clack to The Black Keys, Anya heads behind the curtain to squeeze in some studying.Anya, a 25-year-old stripper at Centerfolds in Chico, hopes to become a registered nurse one day. She's working on her nursing prerequisites at Butte C...

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