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Police searching for group suspected of robbery on campus

Bidwell Bowl Amphitheater, located on campus in between the Bidwell Mansion and the Physical Science Building on Chico State was where the reported robbery took place. Photo credit: Kimberly Morales

Kimberly Morales

October 11, 2019

A robbery at the Bidwell Bowl Amphitheater has led to a search for the group of suspects reported to have been involved.On Thursday afternoon Student Announcements, a service for the students of Chico State set to deliver timely alerts, released a notice to students via email to report a robbery that occu...

Memorial for Professor Ted Herrera to be held next week

Photo credit: Sean Martens

Tisha Cheney

February 16, 2018

The life of Ted Herrera, a professor of nutrition and food science, will be celebrated with a service on March 2.Herrera passed away on Feb. 2 at the age of 67, according to an announcement from University Communications. The memorial service will be held at Colusa Hall, Room 100B from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m....

How effective are campus emails

Veronica De La Cruz

February 8, 2014

You've got mail.Readers are probably familiar with the student announcement emails that Chico State sends out every Tuesday and Thursday, but how many students actually take the time to open and read them?I will admit, there has been plenty of times, I didn't bother reading through them, and just sent the...

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