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Learning changes stem from technology

April 5, 2014

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There are times when I'm doing my homework and think, "Thank God for the Internet." Actually I’m thankful for the Internet all the time, whether I’m doing my homework or not. As millennials, we have grown up around social media. First Myspace then Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, the list g...

Facebook bids on virtual reality

Kevin Crittenden

April 1, 2014

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Facebook has arranged to purchase the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality apparatus that is not yet available to consumers. The three billion dollar deal is a bold bid on a technology that could give people even less reason to socialize in person. While most people associate virtual reality with gaming, Faceb...

Eye on tech: the evolution of watches

Kevin Crittenden

March 25, 2014

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Nobody who owns a cell phone needs a watch.So why are they still around? What is the story of watches?Dangling from the pocket by a gold chain, early watches were unreliable devices for time telling but nonetheless shiny and, therefore, attractive.They started as clumsy machines that could only tell r...

Accessibility Resource Center utilizes untapped technology

Accessibility Resource Center utilizes untapped technology

Gary Nelson

March 18, 2014

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Slipping into a coma is difficult enough. Waking up from that coma and not being able to speak for a few months can make life even more complicated.This was the case for Anthony Landini, a junior agricultural business major, who suffered a traumatic brain injury 14 months ago. For students like Landi...

Differences between children now and children ten years ago

Prin Mayowa

March 4, 2014

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My sister has an iPhone 5S and Beats by Dre headphones. She is only 12 years old. Children these days have it great. I know that’s something my grandparents would say about this generation of twenty-somethings, but the younger group of children in this millennial generation have serious...

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