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A case against autokorect

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Sam Rios

February 5, 2016

Languages have progressed along with changing cultures, adapting to new generations. With our generation, the millennials, we see a halt of adaptation. Instead, our language is being drowned out because of the simple style of communication through the smartphone.Whether you like it or not, you most l...

Alex Project: Suicide help is just one text message away

Sarah Strausser

October 22, 2015

It was just over five years ago when Alex Strauss, former Pleasant Valley High student, tried to reach out for help over text and did not receive a reply. Later that night, the then 17-year-old took his own life. There are countless call-in hotlines all over the country and here in Butte County. Text ...

Emoji emotions

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Miles Inserra

April 27, 2015

In the midst of a ten hour shift barbacking at San Francisco’s Starlight Room, a couple asked me to capture a moment with their iPhone and it occurred to me, I did not know how to use an iPhone. The home screen was so foreign I could not figure out how to access the camera in the dark. Granted...

It can wait: Don’t text and walk

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Dylan Dewit

February 13, 2015

Earlier this week, I had an experience that left me terrified and extremely annoyed. I was walking to my class in Butte 201 around 12:14 p.m. I made my way up the west-side stairs, and as I was about to turn the corner, I heard the building’s doors swing open. Out came a mob of students fresh ...

The lost art of voice mails

Kevin Crittenden

Kevin Crittenden

January 18, 2014

Voice mails are dying. A mass transition from calling to text messaging means the voice message is losing its territory to the newer species of information exchange. Remember voice mails? They are like audio post cards. They give you a chance to rant. This is something invaluable to the neurotics am...

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