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Serving up social change via social networking sites

Valerie Teegardin // May 14, 2014
Why the power of online connectivity has the potential to change society for the better.

Ivy league all-star follows passions to Yale.

Valerie Teegardin // May 6, 2014
Students can find inspiration in Enin's pursuit of happiness.

Undeclared students shouldn’t sweat missing major perks

Valerie Teegardin // April 26, 2014
Taking time to explore passions can prevent premature major declarations.

Boost brain cells by beating games

Valerie Teegardin // April 8, 2014
Why apps based on neuroscience may actually be effective at improving cognition.
Valerie Teegardin

Sexist messaging app misleads relationships

April 7, 2014
Need an automated wingman? There’s an app for that.
Valerie Teegardin

Intelligence isn’t limited to IQ

Valerie Teegardin // April 4, 2014
High test scores may boost grades and GPA's, but mask a lack of intellect.

Non-traditional ways to handle neighborly nuisances.

Valerie Teegardin // April 1, 2014
A little passive-aggression can go a long way.
Valerie Teegardin

Online classes offer opportunities, obstacles

Valerie Teegardin // March 24, 2014
Learning online isn't always all that it's made out to be.

Stop striving for straight-A’s

Valerie Teegardin // March 11, 2014
Why good grades don't help chances of getting hired.
Valerie Teegardin

Finding productivity in procrastination

Valerie Teegardin // March 5, 2014
Some call it slacking, but some find procrastination a positive trait.

Don’t stress over dilemmas

Valerie Teegardin // February 25, 2014
The biggest dilemma we have is within ourselves.

Redefining importance of appearances

Valerie Teegardin // February 18, 2014
How the ugliest woman in the world is redefining what it means to be beautiful.
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