The Orion

How to know you’re from Chico State

Photo credit: Roberto Fonseca

Danielle Cortes

November 14, 2017

We all at some point have seen those funny and accurate starter pack memes while scrolling through social media. There are thousands of those memes, even accounts dedicated to solely posting various starter packs. They range from the “I yell at my wife in public” starter pack to the “I want to...

Four steps to being drunk in class

College man drinks his night away Photo credit: Briana Mcdaniel

Grayson Boyer

September 26, 2017

Getting drunk before class is an art form that many dabble in as an amateur, yet few have ever truly mastered. Years of careful study, meditation and deep introspection has led to a surefire list that will allow any lightweight drinker to maintain appearances in even the most difficult class. Behold,...

Mood of the night

Illustration by Emily Reising Photo credit: Emily Reising

Emma Vidak-Benjamin

October 4, 2015

Although science has proven it false that different types of alcohol actually affect you in different ways, we all have the stories and nights to show that we do indeed feel different effects-- even if it just is our mind playing tricks on us. Drinking certain types of alcohol can greatly change the course of a person’s n...

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