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Meriam Library plays host to second annual Welcome Week Game Night

Christopher Hernandez holds up his prizes Sunday after becoming the first winner of the game Lotería at the Second Annual Welcome Week Game Night. Photo credit: Brian Luong

Brian Luong

August 27, 2018

Over 100 Chico State students showed up to play games and compete for prizes while learning to navigate the Meriam Library, Sunday, before the first day of classes.New students learned more about the library and its features through a variation of the game Lotería, a game similar to Bingo. Participa...

Original characters created in first Wildcat Gaming design party

The game Betrayal at the house on the hill was played by students and members of Wildcat Gaming, From left-to-right, Julian Pierson, Aaron Dizon, Alexander Lopez, and Theron Rex Howard, Saturday during a character creation party. Photo credit: Josh Cozine

Josh Cozine

May 13, 2018

Two characters- Wattles, a genetically modified super-rooster who guards chicken farms of the not-so-distant future, and Arius, a necro-kid who annoys the spirits that try to haunt him - were designed Saturday, at Wildcat Gaming's first character design party.The party was sponsored by Tespa, a part of Blizzard Ga...

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