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Transitional fashion from the gym to campus

Taylor Mercurio goes to the Wildcat Recreation Center in style. Photo credit: Lauren Steele

Lauren Steele

September 10, 2014

Workout clothing can be expensive. Going to stores that sell items specifically for the gym are way out of most students' price range. It is challenging to find an outfit that is casual for the gym, but also fashionable for an on campus look, all while trying not to break the bank. Taylor Mercurio, a th...

Equipment preference causes gender separation at gym

Students utilizing their preferred gym equipment. Photo credit: Emily Conroy

Amanda Rhine

August 30, 2014

The Wildcat Recreation Center offers various exercise options for all students, but there are noticeable areas that the differentiating genders gravitate to -- men stay in the weight room and women upstairs on the cardio floor. The WREC underwent many changes recently. One of the changes was the relocation of some female-friendly equi...

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