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Convincing parents to choose Chico

Julianna Eveland

Party School: “A school known more for its party-loving students than its academics,” as defined by Urban Dictionary.

Chico State has done a fine job in parting with this title but we all know it is still referred to as a part school quite frequently.

So what impact does this have on parents’ views of sending their kids here?

My parents reacted with caution and hesitancy.

But my mom does her research well, and with a bit of convincing from me, my parents found Chico to be a great place to earn a degree in Journalism.

I’ve always wondered how other parents decide on sending their kids to Chico. What do these kids say to counter any skewed perception of Chico being the party school it once was in 1987?

I found some interesting insight to this on Facebook via the Chico State Confession Wall:

“I remember my first time visiting Chico State I was walking to the WREC center with my parents to check it out. Just as I was walking in some guys drove past yelling, ‘Don’t let your daughters come to Chico State!’ That’s when I knew I had to come here.”

Not sure what part of that sentence finalized her decision to come, but it did make me wonder what clever argument she presented to her parents in her prospects to attend Chico State afterward.

But then to counter that, another post read, “Yeah, people party here, and they party at every other damn college too. Whatever college you choose, you’re going to get what you make out of it.”

This is a convincing argument that I feel most parents and I would agree with. So with that I have sided with Anonymous from the confession wall.

You’re going to get what you make out of college. If parents forbid their kids from attending Chico State based on false rumors of an out of control party scene, it’s their loss.

Julianna Eveland can be reached at [email protected] or @janeca12 on Twitter.

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