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Future Chico State president, Stephen Perez, poses with Willie the Wildcat during Giving Day. Courtesy: Jason Halley/University Photography
CSU Board of Trustees announces new Chico State President Stephen Perez
Ariana Powell, A&E Editor // May 30, 2023

The California State University Board of Trustees, on May 24, announced Stephen Perez, the current interim provost and vice president of Academic...

Chico police are looking for a third suspect, Alejandro Manuel Douglas, connected to the May 6 Columbus Avenue mass shooting, pictured here. Courtesy: Chico Police Department
Chico police identify 3 suspects possibly linked to Columbus Avenue mass shooting
Ariana Powell, A&E Editor // May 30, 2023

Weeks after the Columbus Avenue mass shooting on May 6, that injured five and killed 17-year-old Jessica Stubbe, Chico police said they may...

The winning team. Photo taken Mar. 29 by Marco Castaneda.
Kappa Sigma wins intramural basketball tournament in nail-biter against sigma chi
Troy Johnson , Reporter // May 14, 2023

In the final game, Kappa Sigma played against Sigma Chi and won by a nail biter in this year’s intramural basketball tournament. Kappa...

Pickleball players enjoying a game at the Community Park. Photo courtesy of Bob Martin.
Relish a new sport: Pickleball
Alex Poletti, Sports Editor // May 4, 2023

Usually when people think of sports they think about the big three: football, baseball and basketball. But there's a new game trying to reach...

Shae Pastrana yelling to family before she walks the graduation stage. Melvin Bui right. Photo taken May 18 by Molly Myers.
CME commencement: Technical difficulties, empty liquor bottles, and smiles 
Mawil Mateo and Molly Myers // May 21, 2023

As Pomp and Circumstance began playing, students stomped through the grass to University Stadium, leaving behind a trail of small single-shot...

Male sitting down by the walk about with NASCAR jacket blue pants, and white T-shirt.
Weekly fit check
Troy Johnson, Reporter // May 14, 2023

Name: Tyrek Edwards Major: Construction Management Hometown: Inglewood How do you describe your style?: “Streetwear and vintage.” Fashion...

Photographed by Thirdman
Tips on boosting productivity: A guide to a fruitful lifestyle  
Daisy Beltran, Reporter // May 18, 2023

  Productivity is an essential aspect of our daily lives, whether we are working or pursuing personal goals.  One benefit to productivity...

Graphic of a robotic hand.
Technology in education: Is it helping or hindering students' learning?
Daisy Beltran, Reporter // May 10, 2023

AI is starting to transform not just the way we think, but the systems and daily structures we operate on. In the education landscape, technology...

Finished tortillas. Taken by Alejandro Zepeda
Flipping tradition: The tortilla adventure
Alejandro Zepeda, Reporter // May 7, 2023

Tortillas are more than just a tasty addition to your favorite Mexican dish — they represent a rich cultural heritage dating back thousands...

White plate filled with plantains, sushi and chicken
Kwando Buffet Chinese restaurant: Snack or Yak
Meara Hain, Reporter // April 24, 2023

Kwandos, or “Heaven on EARTH” as it says on their website, is an Asian buffet-style restaurant that has been viewed as far from heavenly...

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