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A billboard advertising cannabis delivery in Butte County, May 2021.
Delivering weed to Chico is not just easy money
Ava Norgrove // June 8, 2021

More than 15 companies, mostly based out of Sacramento, will now deliver cannabis to your door in Chico within the hour.  The Orion reached out to Bryon Thornton, one of the owners of Norcanna, and Chaz Cornellier, one of the owners of Organic Care of California,...

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Moldavite being sold at Lotus Flower Imports on May 18, 2021
TikTok dramatically impacts local crystal shops
Hunter Casperson // June 1, 2021

Crystal shops in Chico have experienced a dramatic spike in sales of the stone Moldavite, a phenomenon the owners credit to a new trend on TikTok.  “From mid-January until about two weeks ago, I’ve sold about 300 pieces of Moldavite,” said Harrison Morrison,...

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Get your kitchen prepped! This fall
The high-speed low-drag complete college kitchen
Ian Hilton, Reporter // May 12, 2021

This past year hasn’t been ideal for most of us students. Our inability to live on campus has kept us from an aspect of college life synonymous with attending a university, but we’re coming back this fall! During your summer, and in anticipation of acquiring housing...

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Lonewolf was one of several performers scattered throughout the Thursday Night Market on May 6.
The return of the Thursday Night Market
Sophia Pearson, Reporter // May 12, 2021

Downtown Chico’s Thursday Night Market is back for the first time since the pandemic began. Every Thursday from 6-9 p.m., the market will occupy Broadway Street, between 2nd and 4th Street where people can gather to buy fresh produce, eat tasty food and enjoy live music.  In...

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Photos taken by Shae Pastrana and edited in Adobe Spark. What a bare garden bed can look like a month and a half later. Sunflowers are almost blooming!
Gardening builds health and empowers communities
Shae Pastrana, Reporter // May 19, 2021

Between the sunlight and my plants, a misty rainbow greets me every morning as I water my lush green babies. The dopamine from a hand glued to a smartphone doesn’t compare to the mood that I get from a thriving garden. No Snapchat filter or abundance of likes simulates...

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The sprawling garden area of the Kentfield Garden near East 1st Ave.
Dirt to soil, worms & leftovers
Jessica Shippelhoute and Erin Holve // May 17, 2021

What is composting and why does it matter? The first rays of sunlight beamed across the sleeping town of Chico as the low rumble of garbage trucks sounded off the Esplanade. Many Chico residents are waking up, making breakfast and throwing away tons of environmentally...

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Pujols steps to the plate for at bat for the Angels. Photo credits: Kevin Ward is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Los Angeles Angels star Albert Pujols released after nine seasons with the team
Jacob Milligan, Reporter // May 18, 2021

The Angels have released 10-time all-star Albert Pujols after nine seasons with the team.  Pujols signed with the Angels as a free agent in December 2011. His contract was for 10 seasons, and $240 million, the biggest in franchise history to that point. He’s a...

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Kevin Warren drives in the paint in a game.
Warriors set for potential play-in, Kings eliminated from contention
Connor McPherson, Reporter // May 14, 2021

The NBA regular season is just days away from winding down and there are plenty of questions yet to be answered. Warriors point guard Steph Curry is in a position to win another league Most Valuable Player award, though he’ll have to go through Nicola Jokic and Joel Embiid...

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