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  • Sydney Sweeney in Immaculate. Photo courtesy of NEON.

    Arts & Entertainment

    He said, she said: ‘Immaculate’

  • Meet The Orions fall 2024 editorial board. Collage created by Ariana Powell on May 8 using Pixlr.


    Meet The Orion’s fall 2024 editorial board!

  • President Perez shaking the hand of Taylor Bisby as she receives her Masters degree. Taken by Jessica Miller on May 15


    Chico State celebrates Graduate Studies Commencement

  • Live from the World Contamination Tour. Photo taken by Penny Howle and courtesy My Chemical Romance.

    Arts & Entertainment

    An alt-girl’s origin story: emo beginnings

  • Photo credit: Diego Ramirez


    Congrats to The Orion graduates!

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The Orion

Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Riley’s Bar and Grill is a popular bar scene a couple blocks from campus. Hundreds of young college students visit Riley’s everyday for cheap drink deals and the fun atmosphere. Photo taken by Alina Babajko on May 5.

‘Angel shots’ offered by selective bars in Chico

Alina Babajko, Reporter // May 14, 2024

It is common for people to take advantage of vulnerable people while they are under the influence in crowded bars, making them feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Sometimes the only person to ask for help is...

Seared salmon nigiri in a base of spicy ponzu sauce that is a sneak attack on the taste buds. Taken by Jessica Miller on April 25.

Sake sushi: almost average

Ariana Powell and Jessica Miller // April 28, 2024

Ariana Powell, editor-in-chief and sushi warrior Sake has joined the barrage of restaurants on Business Lane, however, it does not mean it’s on the same level as its neighbors. One of the best parts...

Photo taken inside of the Bistro. Photo courtesy of Luis P.

Big Tuna Sushi Bistro: Flavor, tradition, innovation

Fabian Marian, Reporter // April 25, 2024

Big Tuna Sushi Bistro delights customers with its fresh, expertly crafted sushi and vibrant atmosphere. It offers a culinary journey through Japanese flavors. Big Tuna Sushi Bistro was opened in 2009...

Customers enjoying all-you-can eat rolls as servers work in Sake restaurant. Taken by Jessica Miller on April 18.

All-you-can-eat sushi: Sake restaurant is now open

Jessica Miller, Food Editor // April 19, 2024

 Sake is an all-you-can-eat restaurant open for business as of Thursday, now serving sushi, sashimi, soups, salad and more.  From the minute you walk into the restaurant you can expect to be greeted...

New lounge bar servicing exclusive menu and new cocktails in Rawbar’s remodeled extension. Taken by Alina Babajko on April 14.

The Rawbar reinvented: classy and oceanic

Alina Babajko, Reporter // April 16, 2024

Rawbar Restaurant and Sushi reopened on April 9: there is now a secondary room with a bar lounge.  Renovations began on Jan. 1 to expand the restaurant, doubling the size inside and the outdoor patio,...

The inside of Eggroll King. Photo taken by Callum Standish.

The Orion tries Egg Roll King

The Orion Staff // April 14, 2024

Egg Roll King is classic, old school salt-of-the-earth American Chinese food. The fake wood and red vinyl seats, the amber lights, the menu taped to the glass that divides the kitchen from the dining room...

Entryway to the Hungry WildCat Food Pantry with a sign showcasing what items are available to students and faculty. Taken by Jessica Miller on April 8.

Hungry WildCat Food Pantry aims to expand food diversity

Jessica Miller, Food Editor // April 9, 2024

The Hungry WildCat Food Pantry sent out a mass email survey regarding cultural food preferences to all students and faculty on April 5 from the Basic Needs Center.  The Basic Needs Center aims to help...

Big Als Drive In illuminates the night. Photo taken bu Callum Standish April 3.

The Orion tries Big Al’s Drive In

The Orion Staff // April 4, 2024

Eating Big Al’s is like a picture shot on Portra 400. It doesn’t matter if the composition is any good, or if the lighting is mediocre or if it’s a pain to develop. When you see your food through...

Arti-ji frying jalebis. Photo taken July 22 by Molly Myers.

Arti’s jalebis: A life-changing Indian sweet 

Molly Myers, Managing Editor // March 25, 2024

Golden, crunchy and oozing with sugary syrup, jalebis is one of the best sweets you will ever taste.  The process involves making a batter and letting it ferment. Then, you fry the batter creating...

Freshly harvested bok choi, baby spinach, cabbages and broccoli at a Wednesday Farmers Market from Lor’s Produce. Taken by Alina Babajko on March 13.

Local produce benefits community and your health

Alina Babajko, Reporter // March 24, 2024

Chico’s Farmer's Markets have large varieties of locally grown, in season produce and other goods made from local farm products. Supporting these vendors will improve your health with cheaper alternatives...

Bidwell Perk coffee shop on March 13 in Chico, Calif. This coffee shop is just a 15 minute walk away from One-Mile at Bidwell Park.

Hitchhiker’s guide to Chico coffee shops

Jenna McMahon and Amy Blair // March 14, 2024

For all you coffee lovers out there, we did the work and traveled around Chico to figure out what the most popular coffee shops have to offer.  Best overall: Bidwell Perk  Bidwell Perk has...

Upper Crust Bakery and Cafe patio and entryway. Taken by Jessica Miller on Feb. 19.

So, you have an hour? Let’s eat!

Jessica Miller, Food Editor // March 9, 2024

Though for some it may be a rarity, occasionally students find themselves with an hour between classes to grab a meal. Here are a few options to think about for your next long lunch break: In walking...

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