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  • The Wildcats celebrate after a late score


    Pieri Sisters score twice in victory over Stanislaus State

  • Photo by Ovadia Cohen

    'The Big Dipper'

    Perezism: Chico State’s newest ideology

  • Photo of the crosswalk where the student was hit by a car. Photo taken Sept, 27 by Molly Myers.


    Chico State student hit by car in front of campus

  • Roselle Bar and Lounge: A fresh take on the bar scene in Chico

    Arts & Entertainment

    Roselle Bar and Lounge: A fresh take on the bar scene in Chico

  • Chico State student gives treat to dog. Taken by Natalia Cortez-Pagan on Sept.13

    Arts & Entertainment

    Need some time to ‘Take A Paws?’

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Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Ariana Powell getting tattooed on Wednesday. Courtesy: Nola Powell

The art of tattoo pain: part 1

Ariana Powell, A&E Editor // September 25, 2023

I sat in those black chairs, gazing at art on the walls as I waited for the stencil to be printed, the table to be disinfected and the waiver to be approved. My thoughts were buzzing all around my mind,...

Created by Ariana Powell on Sept. 18.

A genre of a person; music and personality

Ariana Powell, A&E Editor // September 21, 2023

Music is a universal language and connects so many of us. No matter what artists, genres and subgenres one listens to there will always be someone else who listens to it too, even if they’re on the other...

Created by Ariana Powell on Sept. 18 using Adobe Photoshop. Base photo by Markus from Pixabay.

Suicide is not a dirty word

Ariana Powell, A&E Editor // September 21, 2023

Suicide is not a dirty word. Whether for religious, cultural or personal reasons the word “suicide” seems to have become dirty — right up there with sex, abortion and incest. As a society, we...

Photo of a clothes rack in the corner of a room next to a guitar. Taken Dec. 13, 2021 by Erik Schereder, courtesy of Pexels.

Harry’s style

Nadia Hill, Reporter // September 15, 2023

Two years ago, an issue of Dazed magazine featured Harry Styles in a controversial cover. He was photographed in outlandish and flamboyant clothing which met with criticism. Not only because he was wearing...

Do watchful neighbors help or harm? Photo by Lokesh_Dhakar, licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Your fear scares me

Heather Taylor, Reporter // September 14, 2023

I am driving down an unfamiliar road, five miles under the speed limit. I peer through the dusty windshield looking for any identifying features for the new house listed for delivery on my route.  I...

Alcohol graphic by Maricarmen Becerra-Gonzalez

Undercover addiction: Why is alcohol so casual?

Maricarmen Becerra-Gonzalez, Reporter // September 12, 2023

As we shift into a culture focused on battling substance abuse, it seems one culprit continues to slip through the cracks. You can have it for breakfast, you can have it for lunch and you can have it for...

Seniors studying at 10 p.m. on the second floor of Meriam Library. Left to right: Maddy Kelly, Cassidy Cowley and Emily Youngberg. Photo taken Sept. 10 by Molly Myers.

A quick guide to campus study spaces

Kit Beauchamp, Reporter // September 11, 2023

As of this semester, Creekside Café has been permanently closed, Whitney Hall and the third floor of Meriam Library have been closed for renovations. Accordingly, it may seem that we have less study space...

Jury duty costs jurors money and time, but some recommended solutions exist. Photo by Ekatrina Bolovtsova via Pexels.

The good, bad and ugly of jury service

Heather Taylor, Reporter // September 6, 2023

Jury duty: It is simultaneously a vital, foundational block of our democracy and a common punchline guaranteed to draw sympathetic groans. This makes me wonder, why do we have jury duty? Are there any...

person sits leaning back with a book resting on their face

‘Welcome to the real world’: On collegiate envy

Maricarmen Becerra-Gonzalez, Reporter // September 1, 2023

“Welcome to the real world.” This is a common phrase used when talking to young adults entering the workforce, or even just adults coming into their independence. It’s a phrase I’ve heard...

Chico State parking structure located at West First and Ivy Streets. Taken on September 1 by Ellie Marty.

Parking on campus is hell on Earth

Ellie Marty, Opinion Editor // September 1, 2023

Three words that make the hair stand up on the back of my neck: parking on campus.  With fall semester in full swing, campus is hustling and bustling, meaning I’m yet again leaving home to embark...

Photographed by Thirdman

Tips on boosting productivity: A guide to a fruitful lifestyle  

Daisy Beltran, Reporter // May 18, 2023

  Productivity is an essential aspect of our daily lives, whether we are working or pursuing personal goals.  One benefit to productivity is that it allows us to accomplish tasks at a quicker rate....

Graphic of a robotic hand.

Technology in education: Is it helping or hindering students’ learning?

Daisy Beltran, Reporter // May 10, 2023

AI is starting to transform not just the way we think, but the systems and daily structures we operate on. In the education landscape, technology is rapidly changing.  Artificial intelligence...

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