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Photographed by Thirdman

Tips on boosting productivity: A guide to a fruitful lifestyle  

Daisy Beltran, Reporter // May 18, 2023

  Productivity is an essential aspect of our daily lives, whether we are working or pursuing personal goals.  One benefit to productivity is that it allows us to accomplish tasks at a quicker rate....

Graphic of a robotic hand.

Technology in education: Is it helping or hindering students’ learning?

Daisy Beltran, Reporter // May 10, 2023

AI is starting to transform not just the way we think, but the systems and daily structures we operate on. In the education landscape, technology is rapidly changing.  Artificial intelligence...

White cross with black hand-painted text reading We love you Dan is placed in gravel in front of railroad tracks.

The corners with the white crosses: Why roadside memorials matter

Heather Taylor, Reporter // May 8, 2023

For anyone who drives regularly, there are sights so commonplace, they are almost invisible. There are unsightly elements like roadkill and litter, or more attractive parts of the landscape such as flowering...

Photo of a mural in front of the local restaurant La Cocina Economica, taken on May 3, 2023.

A Chicana’s take on Cinco De Mayo

Abbigail Kovac // May 4, 2023

Following Cesar Chavez Day, and with Cinco de Mayo around the corner, I find myself reminiscing about an odd memory. It was a hot spring day in early May. I was serving water at the Los Angeles Country...

A women os Asian decent, wearing a blue jacket and yellow shirt.

The Importance of Asian American Heritage Month

Meara Hain, Reporter // May 1, 2023

May is Asian American Heritage Month in which Americans of Asian descent come together to celebrate their cultures and identities. Choua Xiong is a multicultural and gender studies assistant professor...

‘Syringe,’ 2021 by Tanja Geis. Photo taken by Katie Callahan.

Exhibition review: ‘Cumulations’ by Tanja Geis

Katie Callahan , Contributor // April 29, 2023

When I walked in for my volunteer shift at 1078 Gallery, I was unsure what the exhibition would be, as ‘Cumulations’ did not give me a lot of information on the content. Unlike the Museum of Northern...

zodiac constellations

Aligning your stars

Ellie Marty, Copy Editor // April 27, 2023

Here’s the deal: There are people who walk around taking massive stinky dumps on anyone who believes in astrology and I’ve gathered it’s because they’re misinformed. They’ve learned that astrology...

Man in sombrero posing in front of an airplane.

Narcocorridos: Glorifying drug lords or telling truths?

Daisy Beltran, Reporter // April 25, 2023

Latin artists are taking the music industry by storm and the momentum doesn't seem to be slowing down. Reggaeton has always been the reigning champ of the Spanish music genre. Yet there is another...

Couple using their phones

Life beyond the screen: The importance of putting down your phone

Daisy Beltran, Reporter // April 24, 2023

Phones keep us connected with family and friends. They keep us updated about news, weather updates and help us answer our questions in a matter of seconds. But excessive phone use can affect our mental...

Student standing in hallway while holding book. Taken on Dec. 16, 2017 by Anastasiya Gepp. Photo from Pexels

Dear incoming Chico State freshmen 

Emily Russell, Reporter // April 13, 2023

The idea of growing up and leaving home to begin college can be daunting, especially when you're 17 or 18-years-old and navigating an unfamiliar campus. The pressure to adjust quickly to a new way of...

A woman looks over her shoulder. I am a woman. Whats your superpower? is written in dark red paint on the models back. Shes wearing a white tank top, the straps sliding off of her shoulders.

Keep your words off my body

Ariana Powell, City Editor // April 12, 2023

Up until about sixth grade I had no issues with my body. I wouldn’t say I thought I was the most beautiful girl, but I was comfortable with who I was. I didn’t think about body weight or hair or anything...

hands over a brown background with a notebook and large question marks

“Ignorance of ignorance”: On overconfidence and intellectual humility 

Heather Taylor, Reporter // April 11, 2023

I heard a phrase once in an advertisement, and while I have been unable to track down the origin, it returns to the forefront of my mind randomly. “Only ingredients you can pronounce” is the tagline...

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